hotel beach view at The Atlantic Hotel, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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Read reviews below from our guests: 

Hello Heidi and staff! I was only at your hotel once, but I had a wonderful time while there. This is why they came back a second time. I had to work due to my schedule; therefore, I was not able to be on this vacation. I felt comfortable sending my wife and son back to your hotel. We did have some difficulties, but your problem resolution for our needs took care of the situation. Because of our son's health situation it dictates everything we do in our life. It is not easy taking care of a terminally ill child. So this vacation for them was a memory that they hold on to when the going get rough for us. Our son tells the doctors and nurses about his ventures. His favorite is by far the Atlantic hotel, because he was not Sick. When he went on his make a wish trip, he had to go to 3 different er rooms... 1 in the Bahamas, and on our return flight home, we had to be delayed in Canada with 2 different trips to the er. 

He is once again stable, and we are planning another trip to Florida. We hope to see you soon, hopefully my schedule will be more kind, and I will be able to attend. I do need a vacation! I just want to say Thank You for helping my family in such difficult times. You might not realize it how much you might touch a person's life because people never take the time out to write a letter of appreciation for a job truly well done. Every position in the hotel is important, and everyone has an impact.